Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dutch babies

Found via The Red Kitchen, these beautiful breakfast creations, Dutch Babies from the fabulous Orangette, oh how humbled I feel about my spot on the web in the face of a dedicated food blogger.

I am now consumed by thoughts of trying these new breakfast delicacies, but the only cast iron frypans I have are enormous. I wonder if I should just make the biggest Dutch baby in the world?


Molly said...

I say throw caution to the wind and try it! After all, the recipe I gave can be made in a 10- or 11-inch big is your skillet? If it's *really* enormous, you could do 1.5 times the recipe. That way, more Dutch babies for everyone!

Lushlife said...

Yea! Molly, I can do it without having to buy new kitchen gadgets(what a shame love the acquisition of new kitchen gadgets)

I have approximately the right size ones, 8 and 10. I know what we are having for breakfast this weekend:)

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