Monday, December 08, 2008

Zucchini and pistachio spice cake - late virtual hug

I missed the weekend of virtual hugs for Barbara, but that doesn't mean I still didn't want to send one to Barbara from me and my girl with this cake made with lots of good fresh ingredients and made from the loads of organic zucchini I have been buying lately from my friends who have me buying lots more organic produce these days.

It started with my wanting to reduce the amount of pesticides in my families life. I am happy to say from an organic perspective we now mostly eat organic, pasta, rice, milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, chicken, beef, pork and I also bake with organic flour, sugar etc.

This beautiful cake is topped with a lovely fresh lime cream cheese frosting. The cake itself tastes of cardamom and mixed spice and lovely bites of pistachios. The recipe is one from the Delicious magazine and can be found at one of my favourite websites at Taste.

I think this cake makes a great virtual hug to Barbara because it is filled with lots and lots of organic goodies prepared with love and care to share with all those I love.

Baking to me means caring and sharing. For my children I hope I am creating memories of a loving mother who wanted to make her children happy and healthy. Because I work full time I hope my children will remember less about the mother who wasn't there in the afternoon, and more about the mother who remembered them everyday and showed it each day when they opened their lunches and found a special treat I made for them, and one extra to share with their closest friends.

I am not the mother who drops them off regularly, goes on the excursions, reads to the class, or participates in tuck shop, but I am the mother who wanted to provide them with beautiful things to taste and remember as a highlight of their day, its my love letter to them.

My beautiful son on his tenth birthday last month. A cheesecake lover I made him one of his absolute favourites and all time classic - a new york cheesecake courtesty of Taste once again.

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