Tuesday, January 11, 2005

P's "manly" breakfast note the chillie sauce and sports section of the paper.


Lushlife said...

Hope the comment thing works - I keep saying anyone can comment and it changes back to only registered users or members - I don't want to discriminate!

Anonymous said...

lushlife - how delicious it all sounds!! forgive me if i never comment, it's just that i hate the blogger comments system with a passion. i always mean to leave a comment, really i do!
anyway, i shall certainly be checking in regularly on this new great food blog. good work!

Anonymous said...

oh hooray for another food blog!

Your photos look great and the brekkies sound scrumptious. I am in awe because I haven't worked out how to take appetising photos of food, and our mealtimes are such a mad scramble there never seems to be enough time for photography, let alone beautiful presentation.


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