Sunday, July 10, 2005

Mini whisk

Mini whisk - my best gadget friend in the kitchen this morning.

I love this mini whisk! This morning it was there for me when I needed some assistance.

A few minutes ago, just after 10am I mentioned to P that since I had been up since 6.15am this morning with Gabriella, I had managed to cook and serve about 5 different things:

1. Peanut butter on mult-grain toast with some warmed milk and a glass of pear juice - Gabriella.

2. Smoked salmon and cream cheese omelette with a splash of hollandaise on toast for my nephew Mason and myself. Soy milk flat whites for me.

3. Boiled egg for Elliot.

4. Coconut crumpets and lemon butter for my sister and a much later second course for Mason and me.

5. Fried egg on pan-fried ham with avocado and pesto on toast and a side of grilled tomato for P and a couple of flat whites.

What else do you do on Sunday morning from 6.30am, when the wind is blowing an icy gale outside? My making some hot breakfasts seemed like the best answer.

Back to my sad little mini whisk, I think he should be much happier given how much I enjoy using him i.e. for the omelette, for uncurdling my lemon butter, for reconstituting my hollandaise (which had separated on being re-warmed). I also use him for dressings, gravys and much more.

My day ahead involves domestic duties and planning a roast pork for dinner tonight. I have yet to figure out how I want some sage to feature in the pork. I also get to have some delicious seafood chowder for lunch.

I then have to think about my dinner and lunches for next week, as during the week I have a gluten free, no red meat and a mainly dairy-free, mostly vegetarian diet. Obviously I splurge on the weekend - well I think 2 days of treats is better for me then 7 days!

So to prevent me having to cook 2 different dinners every night (because P refuses to adopt a meat-free dining working week!) when I really don't have the time, I try to make myself a big batch of vegetable soup, last week it was a pureed cauliflower with a dollop ofbasil and walnut pesto for a few nights.

I was also heavily into pumpkin. One night I sauteed some diced pumpkin in nutmeg, cinnamon and ground cloves to which I added some soy,chillie and honey marinated tofu - this was eaten with brown rice and some english spinach. Another night it was soba noodles tossed in sesame oil, peanut oil and chillie (inspired by delicious days) More adventures with tofu involved a slightly curried version, again the tofu had been marinated - in soy,lime juice and curry powder was then stir fried with shallots, slivered almonds, carrots and dried apricots and served on basmati rice.

I am thinking this week there will be more pumpkin, brown rice, soba noodles, rice noodles, broccoli, zucchini and tofu to feature. I should be doing up a soup but I can't decide what sort maybe a batch of red lentil and vegetable soup -though I wouldn't mind trying a yellow split pea soup for a change. Who knows plenty to mull over.

Oops nearly forgot I will also have to stew some pears in some brown sugar and spices to add to my pecans which I put over my porridge in the morning.


Oliver said...

Hi Lushlife!

This is too funny, I just wanted to drop you a line, because of your little whisk-character which for some reason totally reminds me of the penguins in the movie Madagascar. (Hilarious movie I found :) scroll further down your post and find mentioning of our blog :) Hope the soba noodle dish turned out well!

Happy Sunday!

'Great Blog of yours Lushlife, I'll be back for seconds, thirds, fourths.... ;)

Barbara said...

I'm going to try your microwave lemon curd tomorrow. Such cute children! Both your blogs bring back memories of when my children were so busy, everyday. It is all worth it though... I took my son shopping last week for things for his first apartment. He wanted a set of saucepans (which had to have a decent pasta pot) and a "good" knife. He chose the Furi East/West knife. I felt I'd brought him up well!

Lushlife said...

Hi Oliver I am so glad to see you made it to my little patch of the internet dedicated to my gourmet addiction - I aspire to be as organised and as beautifully well presented as deliciousdays. I hope to work out how to insert an index over the next month. I missed taking my son to Madagascar too many other people needed a child to take and I missed out so it is on my list.

Hi Barbara - I hope my extolling the expedient virtues of the microwave doesn't find you getting into too much trouble. I find slow ,steady and lowest heat setting is the best idea when using the microwave. I did make a mistake last week and had it on for too long and boiled the lemon butter which made it curdle on setting. I found reheating the curd again on a lower heat setting and whisking it again just prior to serving brought it back to normal. If my recipe doesn't turn out though don't despair Nicky over at Esurientes- The Comfort Zone down on my favourites recently posted about her lemon butter.

Lushlife said...

P.S Barbara thankyou re the kiddies, that Gabriella is the devil in disguise! I have told my son, that when I get to old to lift my le crueset pots and frypans I will be giving them to him;)You wouldn't believe it but my son has to be bullied and cajoled into eating every single meal we prepare no matter how appetising we think it is - is there hope???

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