Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Coffee and Chocolate Fudge cake

Coffee and Chocolate Fudge cake.

I found the recipe for this cake on this fabulous weblog and I am completely in awe and enamoured of Niki's cake making and decorating skills. Niki's recipe can be found in her index under chocolate cake (note to self must make time to work on my index - I have started really)!

Some of the high points about this cake - I used chocolate coated bailey's coffee beans on top and flavoured the chocolate fudge with kahlua and caramelised walnuts are THE BEST and were not that hard to make!

Another little lesson I would like to pass on. This cake was made by me on Sunday morning for the celebration of a number of family birthdays and I was quietly very pleased with myself and quite confident after having taken a few dozen photographs of my latest accomplishment. But then......... what is the saying "with pride comes a fall". I was feeling sooooo confident I thought quite stupidly that I could push the cake on it's plate into the inverted tupperware cake box lid - alas it was not to be. As stable as stiffly whipped coffee cream can be on a very cold day in Brisbane in mid July it was not stiff enough to support my vainglorious efforts and the cake actually ended up looking somewhat different just prior to being transported to the actual party. I decided not to be so vain as to not have any photographic evidence of my folly and a photograph would serve as a timely reminder that I can still have some lessons to learn about confidence and complacency.


Niki said...

Wow - I didn't realise you had a blog. Another Aussie to join our list!
I'm quite tickled that you made something from my site. I hope it was enjoyable; my main memory of that cake is the time it took to make (phew!) and the extreme richness of it; perfect for a group of girls! I think you decorated it beautifully, and I can identify with cake-transportation 'issues' - I had more than my fair share. Speaking of almost-disasters, I'm just about to post about a real disaster I had. :-)

Lushlife said...

I am glad you made it here Niki, it is a bit more time consuming keeping up two blogs but lately my food one is taking on a life of it's own and I really enjoy the creative process. That cake was fantastic I loved the cake mixture itself not too sweet so that the embelishments on the cake were the perfect sweet additive. I am so keen to make that flourless choc orange cake of yours.

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