Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas Day entree: Mudcrab, prawn & rocket salad.

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You wouldn't think it, but here at the LL household I have been cooking up a storm, homemade ice-creams, cakes, duck salads, handmade duck ravioli, a wagyu rump roast, double lamb cutlets, scallop and pork belly, the list goes on.
But of course all this frenetic activity meant guests in the evening and that doesn't bode well for taking good photographs I am afraid I just don't have the equipment for the necessary lighting!
But I will do the best I can as some photographs have been taken although not all are worth publishing I am afraid.
This one taken on Christmas day captures the essence of an Australian Christmas entree suitable for a warmish day on the Sunshine coast. My mother and I purchased some huge mud crabs, oysters and prawns to have prior to the roast pork, goose fat potatoes and simple salads.
In the gourmet desert that my mother calls her home, I concocted a dressing of olive oil, fish sauce, soy sauce and fresh lime & red chillies and as I said several times that day, pity she didn't have any fresh ginger I could have finely grated into the dressing (well that would have worked if only I had remembered to take my great micro plane!) Oh well twas' still a fine little starter.


Barbara said...

That looks wonderful. I bet it was delicious.

Squishy said...

Mudcrab is just heaven.

Lushlife said...

Thank you Barb and Squishy, I have been so busy I haven't been checking my email nice of you to drop by!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! I need a recipe to write about and this looks prefect, would u mind pasing the recipe along

CG said...

Oh my! that is just gorgeous looking. I need to copy that!

Chelsea aka Anoymous said...

I need this recipe. It looks fantastic, would u mind writing up a recipe for it.


Lisa said...

I've never heard, or eaten therefore, Mudcrab... yet I am salivating! I'd imagine, and the picture helps, it is lip smacking, finger licking, delicious!

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