Thursday, December 14, 2006

Food glorious food 2006

While I notice that some food bloggers have prepared calenders this year, I decided that my amateur work is not worthy of such focus and decided instead that I would make a collage of some of the food I prepared in 2006.
I recognise that the year is not over yet and christmas banquets have yet to be done, but I usually do one separate Christmas Collage in any case so that will come later.
*PS click on the photograph to enlarge for details!


Barbara said...

All those cakes look wonderful when enlarged. Have a happy Christmas Lushlife.

Lushlife said...

Thanks Barb I think I will put an instruction on the post - because when you click on it they do come up quite well. I was only lamenting my lack of super dooper lenses and slr digital camera - and thought I will try and rectify that this year. I don't think I do that bady with my snappy little Cannon.

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