Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rocky Road

Another Easter of way too many chocolate bunnies and eggs for the kiddies, so what to do with the excess. Last year it was chocolate chip cookies, but this year I decided to create this rocky road. I haven't a clue about the quantity, let me see...

two gigantic football eggs,
2 doz small chocolate egg size eggs,
two bunnies,
other assorted eggs & bunnies

all melted in a large bowl on a low heat in the microwave. Once melted I added:

Shredded coconut - approximately half a packet;
a packet of unsalted peanuts 200grams?;
turkish delight - about 200 grams (could have done with more of this too!);
marshmallows 1/3 of a very large packet (should have used more).

I lined a 9cm cheesecake tin with a freezer bag which I cut in half and poured my RR into that and rechilled in the fridge for about an hour. I turned it out on to a board and chopped into into nice big chunks.

Those chocolate eggs are much more palatable now and very morish - maybe I shouldn't have found something that we enjoy more than plain chocoate.


Niki said...

Ohmygawd! That looks (and sounds) INCREDIBLE!!

Lushlife said...

Thanks Niki, I made heaps but only have half of it left, hope I can replicate it sure will give it a try. One person who received some said it was better than Darrell Lea's - so I am mighty chuffed by her and your appreciation!

zann said...

That's a great idea. I'll be remembering this come Halloween. I always end up with too much candy at these holidays... somehow.

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