Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lamb shank red curry

I can't tell you how this was made, I wasn't at home when it was made by Paul and our good friend Kim who is a fabulous cook. It was the most delicious curry I have eaten in my entire life - yes it was that good. I will ask Paul to tell me how they made it and post it - I would hate to think that I will never have that fabulous flavour in my mouth again. I can tell you how she made the rice it was very simple and fool proof.
One cup of rice to one and a half cups of water - rinse the rice first if you like and drain then add the required water - so two cups would mean three cups etc. Also add a touch of salt.
Bring to the boil without a lid - then as soon as it boils reduce down to the lowest temperature you can get - seal the lid with two paper hand towels between the lid and the pan - this will help absorption of the water. Leave on low for 20minutes, then turn off . Don't remove the lid during this time and leave standing for another ten minutes off the heat before removing the lid. When you take the lid off its ready to serve.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!


curious said...

i read that rice approach in bill's food or one of his books, but how do you get the little moulds to work?

Amanda said...

Hi Sarni - I am glad I finally broke the drought and I will post some more shortly, just having problems with the fact my photographs are stored on a computer I don't have regular access to - namely Paul's lap top so I have to wait till the weekend to post some more.

Amanda said...

Hi Curious,

Thats an easy one - just make your rice as per your usual method then find a small dish which looks like it would be a good size for a serving of rice. Rinse out the dish leaving wet and scoop the warm cooked rice into the dish and then invert onto a plate!

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