Sunday, September 10, 2006

My very first roast beef and yorkshire pudding

This winter I finally got to make a roast beef. Some good friends left to go live in Tassie so to appropriately farewell them, I decided to do the most classic of all roasts. I bought an expensive rib on the bone. I almost didn't post about it, mainly because the roast is overdone - I really wanted medium rare, but it was well-done.

Nevermind it was pretty fantastic, expensive meat means you never really make a mistake.

I have to say that this roast took alot of planning due to the timing of the various ingredients. One smallish oven though means alot of juggling. The beef approximately 60 mins on high, yorkhire puddings 20 mins on high, the roast potatoes 88 mins on high (44 mins per kilo), green beans and an red onion gravy (made earlier) all from Nigella of course.

Given the state of the meat, I think it is really only worth giving the recipe for the yorkshire puddings and the roast potatoes.

Yorkshire pudding (from Feast)

324 ml semi skimmed milk ( i used full cream I don't think it made a difference)
4 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
250g plain flour
12 x 1/4 teaspoons beef dripping or vege shortening. (I found the dripping about $1 so why not!)

Whisk the milk, eggs and salt well and let stand for 15 min, then whisk in the flour and let stand till you need it.

Cook at the highest temperature. Put a muffin tin in the oven to heat up a good 10-15 mins, with a 1/4 teasp of drippin in each compartment.

When the pan and the fat is hot, pour in the pudding batter for 15-20mins or until they have puffed up gloriously so Nigella says.


Anna V said...

So your puddings did puff? What brand of flour did you use?

It's been an enduring mystery in my family that we made perfect Yorkshires in NZ and yet none of us has managed to make them with Australian flour.

Even my gluten free ones trumped my mother's last attempt.

Lushlife said...

Hi Anna V, it was basic plain flour. They puffed up magnificantly but after a 5 mins out of the oven settled again which is to be expected because they don't have a raising agent in them.

I think the key to these were letting the mixture sit I probably let them sit the first time I made them a good hour. Making the muffin pan with the dripping/oil in it get good and hot in the oven and last of all having a really really hot oven.

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