Saturday, March 04, 2006

Healthy and tasty competition

My pork cutlet

I bought some of these lovely *pork loin cutlets a few weeks ago. One night when I had worked late (a habit recently) I came home after 7pm and P had waited for me so he could cook us both a lovely meal.

Some gorgeous pork loin cutlets which he had rubbed with marinade that he had smashed together in our mortar consisting of garlic, rosemary, thyme, olive oil, pepper and salt He then rubbed the marinade on the cutlets and left them for a few hours (he probably didn't mean to leave them that long I think it was just because he was waiting for me). He cooked the cutlets in our saute pan. He removed the cutlets and deglazed the pan with some white wine and vegetable stock. He threw in some sage at the very last moment.

Finally he garnished the cutlets with some ground roasted pinenuts and served them on a scrumptious mash with a simple green salad. P's pork cutlet is pictured below.

He then challenged me to cook him a pork cutlet in return.

So it tonight I was up to the challenge. In reply, also brandishing my saute pan and mortar and pestle, I smashed some whole white peppercorns and coriander seeds and added some sea salt. I then pressed this mixture onto the cutlets that I had coated with extra virgin olive oil.

I let them sit for half an hour or so, while I prepared the potatoes. Some thinly sliced baby potatoes baked in an *unctuous anchovy and garlic cream sauce.

A simple rocket and Parmesan salad on the side, plus for good measure blanched green beans with some goats cheese.

With some extra virgin olive oil in the saute pan and 2 cloves of crushed garlic I sauteed the cutlets till they were golden occassionally putting on the lid of the pan so I would capture some juices. While I let the pork rest I deglazed the pan with some lemon juice and white wine and a knob of butter - I too threw in some sage at the last moment. I checked the seasoning and added a touch more sea salt. Then served the cutlets with a big spoonful of the jus.

We had a brief discussion tonight about who won the competition, given we had both produced cutlets which were moist, tender and juicy I said that I didn't know how either of us could lose.

*( Nigel & Nigella word)
*I must add we have both been inspired of late by the Nigel Slater and his fabulous "Appetite".


Barbara said...

Great looking meal. I'm a Nigel Slater fan too.

Lushlife said...

I am really enjoying Nigel's style in that he inspires rather than asks slavish devotion to a recipe, it gels with my style of cooking.

Ange said...

They both look fantastic, how can u pick a winner?

Niki said...

I love Appetite and love Nigel. I find I don't cook a lot of his recipes, but I think of his ideas and suggestions when I'm cooking "by feel", so in that respect he's succeded. I love his writing style too.

Lushlife said...

Hi Niki, I am glad that Nigel also uses great photography as well, because the look of his dishes tempt me more than anything. I would have to say alot of my general cooking is being inspired by Nigel these days.

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