Thursday, December 29, 2005

Traditional Trifle

Kind comments from KP, have prompted me to finish this post, with the addition of the recipe. I must say I have thought twice about whether I would share the recipe with anyone, as it is so basic, but it is always a hit and I have been designated the traditional trife maker for some time now, so it must be good despite its unpretentious ingredients.

I first encountered this recipe when I was 16/17 years of age at a school camp in the Gold Coast hinterland, my former typing and shorthand teacher showed me how to make it. Being a custard lover, I use this recipe because it doesn't include jelly in it.

Here goes:

I think the most important ingredient for a trifle, is the bowl you use, I bought this Krosno, 3 litre bowl a few years ago and have never looked back, most people who get to delve into its depths nearly always exclaim at its attractiveness and their reluctance to spoil the presentation nevertheless it all disappears.

You need:
2 packets of the jam rollettes
Fosters custard powder
1 and a half litres of milk
1/2 cup sugar (as per custard instructions)

Tinned peaches
whipping cream
toasted flaked almonds

I begin by making the custard as per the instructions on the packet, I really don't see the point in making custard from a recipe when I am using tinned peaches and jam rolletes - why go glamour on the custard!

Slice the jam rolls and line the bottom of the bowl and up the side about one row. Splash the sherry liberally over the cake, then line the bottom of the cake with some peaches. Top with custard to the level of the first row of the cake. Then line the custard with more cake then peaches making sure you make a row of peaches visable on the outside of the bowl, before lining the outside of the bowl with another row of sliced jam rolls. Fill with custard.

You could continue layering in this manner (remember to splash the sherry over any new cake you add!) though it is largely dependent on the size of your bowl, but remember to leave room for a final huge layer of whipped cream topped with flaked almonds which should be added to the trifle just prior to it being served.

Some tips:

I make the trife the day before it is served to let the sherry soak into the cake.

Make the custard thicker than the packet instructions i.e. maybe add a few more tablespoons of custard powder than is recommended.

When whipping the cream, add vanilla extract and icing sugar (about 1/2 cup for 600mls).

Okay there it is, my secret foodie shame a dish I have basically assembled only. Still I love this trifle and while it is completely bogus, I will make it every Christmas till the day I die.


KP said...

Hi, your trifle looks delicious. Would you mind posting the recipe for me. I enjoy reading your blog as a fellow Brisbane lady, parent and food fanatic. Well done, keep up the lovely pics.

Lushlife said...

Hi KP, thanks for dropping by, I am amazed to hear I still have an audience with the sporadic posting I do. I will post the recipe it's almost embarassing because what I am about to share with you is the antithesis of what I usually stand for in the kitchen when you see the recipe you will understand.

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